Tips for improving your LinkedIn marketing

Here are five best practices to make the most of LinkedIn and achieve your business goals (source …

1. Get your profile right

If you have a half complete profile, no summary, no job description, no photo, no company page, no content updates on either your personal page or your company page then don’t be surprised when you get no engagement and your inmails don’t work.

2. Fix your personal profile

Add in a summary section, add in a simple but interesting description about your job and your company and add in visual content / YouTube / pdfs / website links.

On LinkedIn pictures really do say a 1,000 words. Bring your profile to life, because if you don’t your competitors will.

3. Create a content marketing plan

Everyone has one. If you do nothing your plan is reactive. If you share content you should be thinking about what and when and how it reflects on you, your personal brand and your company brand.

Better to have a proactive content marketing plan and engage potential customers than to wave goodbye to another opportunity to win new business through content engagement. Again it’s a free marketing tool. Use it or your competitors will.

4. Now it’s time to send out new business inmails

When you have done all of this is it time to start sending out new business inmails. Then and only then is it time to create a target list from LinkedIn’s excellent data analysis tool.

Then create a very simple, to-the-point inmail that reflects your business in an easily digestible form.

The way that you do this is a short and simple inmail with a short and simple headline that captures the imagination and communicates key points about your services.

Two paragraphs maximum or one with some bullet points and that should be enough. If you can’t pitch your service in that simple way then you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re trying to sell people on an inmail you’re wasting your time. The objective of the inmail is simply to gain a meeting or Skype call, no more.

What will happen next?

The recipient will look at your profile, if that is incomplete your inmail will fail.

The recipient will then look at your company page. If that is incomplete, has no showcase pages and no recent content updates then your inmail will fail.

If both of these are active, full of life and exciting then your inmail stands considerably more chance of being read and from there it’s down to you and your business.


LinkedIn is not rocket science but too many people make it look that way. Keep it simple and it will work for you too.

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Business Outlook – still positive!

At the start of the year, the news was filled with positive reports about the UK economy. The recovery now appears to be taking hold and more companies are starting to benefit from this. The signs have remained positive throughout the first half of 2014 and there has been continuous media coverage about the UK economy.

According to the Office for National Statistics the economy expanded by 0.8% in the first quarter. This follows growth of 0.7% in the final quarter of 2013. The Federation for small businesses reported that UK small businesses show a sustained recovery and “confidence among small businesses rose to its highest recorded levels in the first quarter of 2014”.

Britain’s economy will return to its pre-recession peak this summer, according to revised economic figures from the British Chambers of Commerce which upgraded its growth forecast from 2.8% to 3.1% for 2014.


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